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Weinlehrpfad—the educational wine path in winningen...

...leads along a route of approx. 1.2 km on a well-developed service road through the vineyards of the appellation called "Winninger Domgarten". It starts at the north-west edge of Winningen Am Rosenberg, and ends on the hill close to the motorway bridge of the A 61 across the Mosel. From here, you can take the same route back to Winningen. However, if you choose to continue the walk as a circular hike over Kuhstiefel and Distelberg, you will reach Winningen again after approx. 1.4 km.

On more than 30 information boards, visitors of the educational wine path can discover interesting facts about winegrowing in general and the particularities of Riesling winegrowing at the steep slopes and terrace locations of Winningen. A small shelter hut and a variety of resting benches invite hikers to take a break. Here, hikers are rewarded with wonderful views of the Winningen area and the Mosel valley.

Visitors who would like to receive more information can take advantage of guided tours that are offered along the educational wine path (cost for a two-hour hike € 75). To round this off, we recommend a wine tasting session, where you can convince yourself of the quality of Winningen wines. The Winningen Touristik e.V. is happy to take reservations!