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Felsgegürtet, weinumrankt...

Girdled by boulders, entwined by vines... Thus begins one of the many hymns to the wine village of Winningen. Nowhere else is winegrowing as scenically impressive and yet infinitely difficult for the winegrowers. On steep, towering vineyard terraces, the superior Riesling vine grows in ideal conditions. During the night-time, the rocky slate soil and the rough boulders give off the warmth they stored during the day. The grapes are indulged around the clock.

The best location is the Winninger Uhlen. With a slope of almost 65°, it is among the steepest vineyards in Germany. This is also the home of the Apollo butterfly – a friend of the winegrowers. Thanks to the winegrowers' environmentally-conscious behaviour, the butterfly has even managed to proliferate over the past few years

The Riesling is the finest white wine and is the reason for the good reputation of Winningen wine. Its small, almost plain-looking grapes mature extremely late – often right into November.

Whether wine or sparkling wine, whether sweet or classically dry – why not go on a voyage of discovery and get to know the different specialities during a wine tasting session. The Riesling is omnipresent. Its racy, fruity taste, the wonderful peach aroma and the greenish iridescent colour have enchanted everyone so far and turn them into a lover of Winningen wine.

The red wine is also worth a temptation. It was forbidden for centuries. Now you can enjoy it again!