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Vinothèque in the Winninger Spital

The vinothèque building was bought by the Winningen local authority in 1994 and renovated for its new function at considerable expense: wine – culture – information. In summer 2004, the Vinothèque opened its doors. 17 winegrowers had come together to be able to present the high quality of Winningen wines in this very tasteful setting. Guests now have the opportunity to take part in wine-tasting sessions at one location. 40 wines and sparkling wines produced by independent Winningen wineries are represented at the Vinothèque.

In accordance with the jointly prepared concept, the guests pay a charge for the wines tasted and are thus "free" from a further obligation to buy. But most guests want to do so anyway, out of sheer delight… In addition, you can find "wine-related" products, such as wine spirits, wine literature, corkscrews and similar useful wine-household items.

Since April 2005, we, Martina and Lothar Kröber, have been managing the Vinothèque at the Winninger Spital. We offer wine tasting sessions and hikes, also for foreign guests (commented tastings in English, French, Spanish or Italian available).

Our opening hours are:

SummerWed - Sat 03.00 pm - 08.00 pm, Sundays and Holidays 02.00 pm - 07.00 pm
Winter (1st of Nov. - 30st of April)Fri - Sun and Holidays 03.00 pm - 06.00 pm

Not to forget: You can get married here! The Registrar will perform the ceremony in a romantic setting.

The winegrowers of the Vinothèque:
Weingut und Sektkellerei Wolfgang von Canal, Weingut Domgartenhof, Weingut Freiherr von Heddesdorff, Weingut Fries, Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein, Winzerfamilie Horch-Göbel, Weingut Werner und Renate Knaudt, Weingut Fred Knebel, Weingut Reinhard und Beate Knebel, Weingut Löwensteinhof, Weingut Knebel-Lehnigk, Weingut Horst Löwenstein, Weingut Kröber-Röttgerding, Weingut Rüdiger Kröber, Weingut Materne & Schmitt, Weingut Richard Richter, Weingut Horst Sünner, Winzerhof Am hohen Rain.

Vinothek Winningen, Weinhof 2, 56333 Winningen
phone 02606 961514
fax 02606 964875

Vinothek Winningen Martina & Lothar Kröber Heiraten in der Vinothek