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Sports & Recreation

Winningen offers almost endless opportunities for recreation - there is plenty to enjoy for culture-vultures as well as hikers and recreational athletes. And of course, there are numerous opportunities related to wine.


Fishing licences for the Mosel between Coblenz and the Lehmen barrage are available at the Winningen Marina, phone 02606 2296, for the area beyond the barrage from Toni Kröber , Markt 17, 56330 Kobern-Gondorf, ph 02607 1832 or 02607 972280.


The large steep terrain covering 4,200 sqm is home to seven holes that are located at different distances from the tee and points are awarded according to the distance achieved. Golf clubs and balls are provided so anyone can have a go at this fun sport.
Opening hours: on weekends from 02.00 pm, on working days from 05.00 pm (on request)
Dieter Blum | Raiffeisenstr. 10 | 56333 Winningen | ph 02606 961487 | www.berggolf.de

Mountain golf in Winningen


Winningen has its own small library, which is located in the town hall. Contact details and opening hours can be found on the contact page of Winningen.

Winningen public library


Camping in Winningen


Bicycles can be rented, repaired and purchased at Kleine Fahrradladen, Bahnhofstraße 9a (in the railway station building).
Available anytime at 0172 6536076.


Airport Koblenz-Winningen




Experience the beauty of the Mosel valley on a canoe trip! www.kanuverleih-winningen.de


Founder of HORCH und AUDI
Life and works
Collection of historic and modern engines

Roman origins
Wine cellar
Cooperage Distillery
Collection of historic winepresses

History of Winningen
Winegrower's kitchen
Town tavern

The museum is located in a listed building on Schulstrasse 5.
Opening hours: 1st of Mai - 31st of Oktober, Sat + Sun 03.00 pm - 05.00 pm, and on request.

ph 02606 2126 | www.museum-winningen.de

Museum Winningen


We offer local guided tours through the district of Winningen, multiple-award winner in the competition Unser Dorf hat Zukunft (Our Village has a Future) on State and Federal level. On a tour through Winningen, which takes 1 to 1 ½ hours, you will discover all the interesting facts about the history and development of the area. You will find out about the 700,000-year-old Winningen hand axe, the Roman estate, the dark chapter of witch hunting and - of course - about our honorary citizen Dr August Horch. Interesting buildings and squares, such as the vineyard Weinhof will be introduced and you can discover the meaning of the Winningen Weinhex or the Drudenfuß (Elf's Foot). Of course, contemporary Winningen is not forgotten about. We are happy to take account of what interests you most, be it local history, winegrowing in Winningen or the village development and regeneration measures.

Local guided tours cost € 50,-. Please contact us to make an appointment!

Local guides tours in Winningen


Reiner und Anke Fries | Bachstraße 66 | 56333 Winningen | ph 02606 2686
Werner Fries | Raiffeisenstraße 19 | 56333 Winningen | ph 02606 1527 | friesplanwagen(at)t-online.de
Fred Knebel | August-Horch-Straße 9 | 56333 Winningen | ph 02606 672 | www.weingut-fredknebel.de


Sightseeing flights departing from Winningen Airport are offered by Rhein-Mosel-Flug.
ph 02606 866 | www.flyrmf.de


Winningen is the largest winegrowing area in the Lower Mosel. Head out on Shanks' pony and hike through the wonderful landscape on well-developed paths! The following hiking routes are available:

Circular route "Domgartenwanderweg"

7 km - approx. 130 m altitude difference. Easy route.
It begins with the educational wine path, which was established in the 1970s by the tourism association. More than 40 boards provide information on the work at the vineyard. At the end of the educational wine path, follow the signs to the Domgartenhütte (cathedral garden hut), where a break is definitely recommended due to the wonderful views of the Mosel valley. Via the meadow, the route takes you through the Hasborn valley and back to Winningen.

Hexenpfad (witches path)

8 km - ca. 150 m Höhenunterschied. Mittelschwere Strecke.
At the end of the educational wine path, hike past the excavations of the Roman villa. Here, you can turn in at the BAB Rest House. Very close by, you will find the lookout point Blumslay, which you definitely shouldn't miss! Through the woods of the Model heights, the route takes a steep descent into the Bell valley. Past the vineyard Winninger Uhlen, you then hike back to Winningen

Steillagenwanderweg (steep slope hiking route)

5 km - approx. 120 m altitude difference. Easy route.
Starting from Winningen, you hike for a short distance to the entrance of the path. Here, you will find an impressive insight into the world of steep slope winegrowers. Have a snack in the airfield restaurant and watch the goings-on on the airfield. The route continues past the shelter hut Pfarrheckskopf. Very close by, hidden in the Heidewald, you will find the Hexenhügel (Witches Hill), where a memorial acts as a reminder of the burning of witches in the Middle Ages.

The following routes are suitable for a longer hike from town to town: the Moselhöhenweg (Mosel Heights route) is a hiking route covering 165 km, running from Schweich to Coblenz. As a circular hiking route covering approx. 100 km, the Schoppenstecher hiking trail covers the beautiful Lower Mosel from Coblenz to Treis-Karden. You will find brochures at the Tourist Information.


For groups between 10 – 100 people, Winningen winegrowers offer the professionally commented wine tasting sessions, with prior reservation. The following wine tasting sessions are available:

  • Tasting with 5 wines € 7,-
  • Tasting with 6 wines € 8,-
  • Tasting with 8 wines € 10,-
  • In addition to the wine tasting, guests can also order an ample vintner's lunch at a price of € 8.50.


Caravan pitches with utility and disposal facilities can be found at the Moselinsel Camping site.


The Marina Winningen can be found nestling between the vineyards of the Terrace Mosel in a quiet tributary. In the midst of the beautiful landscape, skippers and water sports enthusiasts can enjoy the all-round services of the friendly Marina crew at their moorings. The favourable location at the Lower Mosel is an ideal departure point for boating tours on the rivers Mosel, Rhine and Lahn.


Marina Winningen