Winningen is the ideal departure point for explorations and excursions far and near. It is a mere 10km to Coblenz, home to the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Mosel. The historical cities of Trier, Cologne and Mainz are only around 100 kilometres away. But the near vicinity also offers countless opportunities for recreation for young and old, ranging from numerous castles, palaces and forts, the Butterfly Park to the Volcano Park and the Geyser of Andernach.


The dream paths offer the most beautiful landscapes along the rivers Rhine and Mosel and the Eifel area, with their brook valleys, forests, vineyards, meadows as well as castles, palaces and many other tourist highlights.


Traumpfade im Kreis Mayen-Koblenz


Travel through time in the world of the Eifel volcanoes – five modern information and experience centres and over 20 developed natural monuments convey volcanic activity, archaeology and industrial history in a vivid, comprehensible and impressive fashion. Extinct volcanoes, bubbling geysers and historical mines are waiting to be explored.

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